Tim Clemente

Public Speaking

  • Tim has been a guest lecturer and instructor teaching a wide range of topics for municipal police agencies and federal academies, as well as law enforcement institutions abroad.

  • He has lectured to college and university audiences on global criminal investigations, international organized crime, international terrorism, and international narcotics investigations.

  • Tim has been a keynote speaker for civic, political, and religious organizations, and is available on request to speak before large and small gatherings and engagements.

  • An engaging speaker and storyteller, Tim is extremely knowledgable and competent to speak on a variety of topics, including crime and criminal organizations, domestic and international  terrorism and terror ideologies, extremist ideologies and the radicalization process, national security matters, American and geo-politics, etc.

Writer - producer - Subject Matter Expert - Consultant - Speaker

Social Media... Twitter: ​@timclemente - Instagram: timguyclemente