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Tim's strategy pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true communication and consulting expertise to deliver effective messaging and unparalleled creativity. A former inner-city police officer, FBI Agent with experience on multiple continents, and a uniformed military adviser in a theater of war, Tim has first-hand, real-world situational awareness coupled with effective delivery skills. 

   You have Questions... Tim has answers.

Beyond The Box

Tim will bring originality, creativity, and innovative strategies to your projects.

Writer - producer - Subject Matter Expert - Consultant - Speaker

Social Media... Twitter: ​@timclemente - Instagram: timguyclemente

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Real-World Experience

Tim has been there and done that with the most elite agencies in the world, and has incredible stories to tell as a result.

Global Contacts

If Tim doesn't have direct knowledge, he is one call away from colleagues who do. 

Tim Clemente

Articulate Answers

When your project or program requires eloquence, realism, and authenticity.